Instructor Ryan Nasara

Operations Manager | Senior Instructor

Instructor Ryan Nasara is a 2nd dan in WTF Taekwondo with over 10 years of experience. His specialty is sparring with over 6 years of experience competing in provincial, national, and international tournaments. Some of his greatest accomplishments are silver medals in 2012 US Open, 2012 and 2013 Canada Open, and 2012 Canadian Nationals. He grew up and trained together with Master Diaz to which both have great chemistry and the same taekwondo values, hoping to instill within our schools. He has claimed many medals throughout the years and is looking forward to his next step in extreme martial arts (XMA).

 He has an education background in Software Engineering in University of Ontario and is currently attending Seneca in an Aviation Program hoping to become a pilot one day. His hobbies includes, designing and creating software applications, taking photos/videos, and flying aeroplanes. With these diverse interests and experience, he hopes to inspire students to experience as much as possible in both life lessons as well as in taekwondo.

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