Master Emerson Wong

Master Emerson Wong

President & Founder | Franchise Director

Master Emerson Wong is a 5th Dan in WTF Taekwondo, 4th Dan in Moo Gong Kwan Hapkido as well as expert in various other martial arts disciplines. Master Wong is also a Black Belt in ITF Taekwondo, a level 2 Certified Krav Maga instructor, has experience in more than a half dozen traditional weapons and has training in acrobatics, and stunt and fight choreography.

Master Wong’s extensive training and experience has brought him worldwide to perform stunts in Hollywood films,. His work can be seen in such shows as Pacific Rim, Deadpool 2, Titans, X-Men, Nikita, Heroes, XIII, Transporter, and many more. Master Wong continues to be active in the film business to bring exciting action to the big screen.

Master Wong is also the co-founder and former member of one of the largest extreme martial arts team in the World, Team Ryouko. Founded in 2003, Team Ryouko has performed world-wide and gained much acclaim by fans internationally. Videos released by Team Ryouko has since amassed hundreds of millions of views on Youtube and other popular video sharing sites.

His education and experience as a graduate of Ryerson’s Information Technology program and Computer Science and Engineering training has allowed him to incorporate modern technology throughout the school. Combined with his love of interior design and new media, it has allowed him to craft high-tech one-of-a-kind Taekwondo schools that are some of the most beautiful in Canada.

Master Miguel Diaz

Master Miguel Diaz

Program & Curriculum Director | Head Sparring Coach

Master Miguel Diaz is a 4th Degree World Taekwondo & Kukkiwon Recognized Black Belt. Master Diaz is recognized as one of the top fighters in the country. He has also proven to have a very high caliber of skill in forms, Taekwondo Demonstration, acrobatics and extreme Martial Arts Kicking. An enthusiastic teacher and full-time athlete, Master Diaz is goal very goal oriented and brings his full effort and energy into the classroom to groom the young generation of Martial Artists, prioritizing the key values of respect, discipline and a solid work ethic that should be applied in everyday life to achieve one’s goal.

Words from Master Diaz:
“Ultimately, my goal as a Taekwondo athlete is to compete in the Olympic Games and to obtain the best results at the highest level of competition I am curious to see what I can achieve with my talents as a competitor through the limited of years I have left as a competitor in the international circuit. My goal as a Taekwondo practitioner is to groom the upcoming generation of Martial Arts students. I want to be able to educate students the key values of Taekwondo and how they can apply it in their lives, and to be able share how Taekwondo has benefited my life and attitude. Not only to help students build their Taekwondo Skill to the best of their ability but to instill the forgotten attitude of grit and that never give-up, never give-in attitude. I want help individuals, especially the very young age group to develop a positive mental attitude that will help any individual learn from their mistakes from the past, stay focus within the present that will ultimately help the individual achieve whatever goal they may have for the future.”

Some Current Achievements by Master Diaz:
• Canadian National Team Member for Sparring.
• 5th Place 2012 World Championships
• Member of the Ontario Provincial Sparring Team since 2007 – Present
• Canadian National Champion – 2009, 2010, 2012 Jr., 2013 Sr.
• Multiple Times Canadian National Medalist – 2009 to Present.
• Multiple International Open / Championship Medalist – Canada Open, US Open, Dutch Open, Spanish Open, Common Wealth Championships.
• Named M.V.P Sparring Fighter for Canada 2012 & 2013

Master Jeff Hsiao

Master Jeff Hsiao

Head Taekwondo Instructor | Demo Team Coach

Master Hsiao is a very well rounded Taekwondo Athlete, highly skilled in both Poomsae and Sparring. With over 17 years of Taekwondo training, he currently holds a 4th Dan black belt in Taekwondo. Also qualified as a Provincial P3 referee. Master Hsiao is also a very motivational and inspiring leader who strives to bring out the best in everyone. As head instructor of Pulse Academy HQ and demo team coach, Master Hsiao is very well respected by students and fellow instructors. Pulse is very pleased to have his leadership at their headquarters!

International Medals:

2013  – Silver Medal, Team Freestyle Poomsae (World Poomsae Championship)

2013  – Gold Medal, Pair Poomsae/ Silver Medal, Individual Poomsae (Canadian Nationals)

2012  – 9th Pair Poomsae/ 5th, Individual Poomsae (US Open)

2012  – 7th Pair Poomsae/ 10th, Individual Poomsae (World University Championship)

Nationals Medals:

2013 – GoldMedal, Team Poomsae/ Silver Medal, Individual Poomsae (Canadian Nationals)

2012 – Gold Meda, Team Poomsae/ Silver Medal, Pair Poomsae/ Bronze Medal, Individual Poomsae  (Canadian Nationals)

Provincials Medals:

2013 – Gold Medal, Individual Poomsae( Ontario provincials)

2012 – Gold Medal, Individual Poomsae( Ontario provincials)

2012 – Bronze Medal, Sparring – Bantam Division (Ontario Provincials)

Instructor Alex Hylton

Instructor Alex Hylton

Senior Instructor | Head Extreme Forms Coach

Instructor Alex Hylton has been doing Taekwondo for 15+ years and currently holds his 3rd degree black belt. He has 10+ years of acro experience and has trained under members of Team 2x and the former Team Ryouko.

Instructor Alex Hylton is also a former Canadian National team member in both Sparring and Freestyle Poomsae, competing both national and internationally.

With his knowledge and experience, mixed with his passion for teaching, instructor Hylton will will play a key role in developing the extreme program at Pulse Martial Arts.

“Don’t limit yourself, because we are capable to do what others may see as impossible.”


World Poomsae Championships
Silver Medalist (2013)
Canada Open
Top 8 (2012)
US Open
Top 8 (2012)
Top 16 (2013)

Canadian National Championships
Silver Medalist (2013)
Bronze Medallist (2011)

Ontario Provincial Championships
Silver Medalist (2012)
Gold Medalist (2011)
Bronze Medalist (2010)
Bronze Medalist (2009)

Instructor Allen Keng

Instructor Allen Keng

Stunt Program Instructor and Acrobatics Coach

Allen Keng is a seasoned stunt man and has worked on many major motion pictures including Bullet Proof Monk, Pacific Rim and X-Men! Allen has had a thirst for martial arts growing up watching his idols like Bruce Lee, Van Damme, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Little did he know that with all his training in taekwondo, gymnastics, and a degree in drama from the University of Toronto, that he would eventually find himself on the Jackie Chan stunt team!

Allen is a pro working with and coaching children having been a gymnastics coach for years. It is an absolute honor for the kids to have such an experienced instructor share his knowledge of stunts and acrobatics.

A full list of Allen’s work can be seen here on IMDB!

Brandon Paredes

Brandon Paredes

Junior Taekwondo Instructor and XMA Assistant

Brandon Paredes has been training with Master Wong since the age of 7 and has shown his ability to adapt and learn quickly. Brandon has been a dedicated student since the beginning attending classes 5-6 days per week for several years! That dedication to training has not gone unnoticed with Brandon consistently earning top ranks in competitions local and abroad.

Brandon’s strengths are in both sparring and extreme forms and weapons. His primary weapon is the kamas however he is extremely versatile with the sword, and single or double bo staff. As a Hyper Certified instructor, his dream is to take his knowledge of taekwondo and XMA to the big screen in film and television as well as perform in live shows. Brandon has high respect for Master Wong and is following in his footsteps to one day become a respected master instructor and stuntman.

Ethan Diep

Ethan Diep

Junior Taekwondo Instructor

Ethan has earned his Black Belt with high honors at Pulse Taekwondo Academy! Known as one of the best traditional forms students in the school, Ethan is very mature and has consistently earned high marks at school. Ethan is a core part of the performance demo team and is an expert in both the kamas and bo staff.

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