Eric Cius

Eric CiusMy daughter has been going to pulse taekwondo for almost 2 years now and in that time her transformation has been incredible. She’s full of confidence, she has great discipline and her athletic abilities have increase 100X’s. This is all due to Master Wong and his great staff. Pulse is not just a tkd school. It offers classes in acro, weapons and Xma. Once my two boys are of age I will definitely be enrolling them at pulse tkd.

Aura Balan

Aura BalanWe had our son’s 8th birthday party here. Master Wong and the Ninjas did an awesome job hosting the party of almost 30 kids!!! I would totally recommend this place for your kid’s birthday party and for martial arts training!

Great location, great facility, and awesome people! Keep up the great work!

Marina Shcherbina

Marina ShcherbinaGreat studio with great instructors. Master Wong focuses on each student’s character, fitness, and technique. All instructors work hard to ensure the students are improving and achieving their goals. They teach everything from forms to sparring to self defense. Fantastic for kids as they build their confidence, discipline and having fun!

Freeyon Chung

Freeyon ChungGreat instructors who teach with expertise and care in a safe and positive environment! Highly recommend!

Zain Syed

Zain SyedPulse TKD is awesome, the classes are fun and interesting, along with caring instructors that don’t stop until their satisfied. Ideal taekwondo school!

Angel Arutsothy

Angel ArutsothyPulse Academy is awesome! The classes are high energy and so much fun! The staff and instructors are very caring and respected by their students. The school is like a second home for us!

Gp Crocco

Gp Crocco
This school is excellent! Master Wong delivers high quality, exceptional instruction in TaeKwonDo, and many other specialized arts. My son and I are both students, I have achieved 2nd Dan blackbelt, my son is almost 1st Dan, and he’s developing great confidence, discipline and strength, thank you Pulse Academy!

Mason Yu

Mason YuThe staff and coaches there were extremely professional, down to earth, and patient. I had a really good experience there and would highly recommend their service. The interior design is spectacular; really top notch and there are plenty of high grade equipment to use and train with. If you want Hollywood grade training talk to Master Emerson Wong, he has plenty of experience on big movie sets around the world.

Christian Yeung

Christian YeungPulse Taekwondo Academy is such a fantastic school. Every time I am at Pulse, I feel welcomed as if I were in my own home. Their knowledgeable instructors teach discipline and many technical aspects of the art in a very encouraging, positive manner. I enjoy training here very much :)!!

Phi Huynh

Phi HuynhMore than just a martial arts school! Teaches you the fundamentals and balance of hard work, determination and having fun at the same time. Great place to start learning acrobatics.

Taz Garcia

Taz GarciaGreat, friendly and disciplined instructors with one of the cleanest and most organized facilities. Lots of programs for everyone including the kids with the option of after school shuttle service and rooms/desks to get their homework done. 2 thumbs up!

Charmaine Forde

Charmaine FordeNot only are the children learning martial arts skills but their self-esteem increases leading to major confidence!

Ali Syed

Ali SyedPulse Academy is amazing!!! The staff/instructors are not satisfied until you are. I highly recommend this school to you as I have had a wonderful experience with Master Emerson Wong and his school!!

Iqra Syed

Iqra SyedMy brother has been attending this school for almost 4 years now and I am extremely impressed by his progress. This has only happened because of the caring and friendly staff members.

Rahat Sarfraz

My son has been going to Pulse academy for 3 years and I am well over impressed by his progress. Pulse academy is not only helping my son in martial arts but in discipline, leadership, confidence and more!

Nadeem Farooq

My son Zain Syed has been going to this school since they opened in 2012.
We are very happy that we took that decision to enrolled him for the Black Belt Program. Master Wong is a great teacher, he helps the kids to build self confidence in them. We are very pleased with the progress of our son.

Allan Evely

My son has been training several years at Pulse taekwondo. The school has great instructors that motivate their students. The schedule has so many classes that kids at every level can attend daily classes if the want. I would recommend this school to anyone who want their kids to attend a great quality taekwondo school.

Margie Chien

Best place to learn Tae Kwon Do: Best instructors, pleasant environment, its so great to see kids learning and having so much fun at the same time!

Joe Quatela

I have two boys that have been training under Master Wong and his tremendous staff. I have seen them grow in skill and confidence and marvel at their development and that of their fellow students. They are enrolled in the after school program that is a real game changer as they are picked up from their school and have time for some homework and a class before I pick them up giving the rest of the night to quality family time together instead of rushing to get some extracurricular activity in the twilight hours and stressing over getting homework done – this all done over the family like supervision. I am indebted to Pulse Taekwondo – Thank You.

Aleem Khan

Pulse academy is an awesome school.The instructors are amazing.You have a lot of fun while training.The instructors teach plenty of stuff like acrobatics, xma, sparring etc. The instructors are instructor Tarrneem, instructor Eugene, instructor Vincenzo and the best is master Emerson Wong. In my opinion this is the best Taekwondo school ever!

Basit Syed

My son Ali is attending the school since 2013. Excellent instructers and of course Master Emerson Wong. Pulce acadamy revlosionizes the meaning of martial arts. I never regretted my choice for one second.

Madalina Dunitrascu

At Pulse Academy the children learn how to build big wings for themselves!
My seven years old son has been trained by Master Wong and his team for the past 16 months. I have personally been present to most of the classes, having the chance to witness and I have been profoundly impressed by Master Wong’s deeply professionalism and commitment, on how the whole team from Pulse Academy has supported, encouraged and challenged their students. I have seen for myself a big transformation in my son’s personal and physical development right before my eyes.

In this program, the children are engaged in a range of structured activities including games that provides them with a mind-set to help them achieve focus, persistence at a task and leadership. The sequenced set of activities to achieve these skills are followed by a strategic reward system that gives positive encouragement to all the students. These activities support a positive attitude, improve coordination, teach children complex symmetrical body exercises, learn self-discipline and confidence.

However, what makes this program very special in my eyes is that the children learn how to be ambitious. I have noticed high levels of persistence on all the kids in this studio regardless their belt level. Master Wong and the instructors are taking their time to understand the personality of their students and build their confidence and ambitious individually. All the students are very important at the same rate. Therefore, all of the students at Pulse Academy are successful, seriously engaged in their activities and they learn how to never give up on their goals.

I would like to thank Master Wong and the team for their continuous contribution to this program. I have never seen such an intense commitment in any other after school programs or summer camps that I have tried many times before. This is definitely the best program!
I also would like to say heartfelt thanks to Mrs. and Mr. Wong for all the support provided and their careful attention to my son. Thank you for making this studio feel warm, safe and happy exactly like a second home for these kids! Thank you!

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