Pulse Academy LIVE!

Welcome to Pulse Academy LIVE! Our new platform to maintain everyone’s martial arts training and to keep students excited, engaged, and from being unproductive for long periods of time at home during this unprecedented time in our history!

At any time you would like to see the schedule for your the online classes simply visit https://www.pulseacademy.ca/pulse-academy-live-schedules/

We have a lot of exciting content to bring you and weekly leaderboards to see who is performing best in the classes! 


Signing onto Pulse Academy Live!

1) For laptops and android devices goto https://zoom.us/download and download the Zoom Client for Meetings. For iPad’s and tablets download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app

You can use an ipod or iphone but the experience wont be as good as the screen is small unless you can connect it using a cable to the TV!

2) Open the app, Click Join button, enter the Meeting ID and change your name.


WOODBRIDGE230 485 9418

SCARBOROUGH 871 726 4280

AJAX 913 302 6061

3) Choose join with Internet Audio

4) Make sure to have your device set horizontal and to be in a place where it isn’t too noisy! Make sure to choose a spot with enough space to move around. About 8 feet x 8 feet square

5) Be in uniform, be on time, stay focused and let’s have some fun! There will be a leaderboard for those who do the best and prizes will be given out at the end!

Enjoy your class!


Pulse LIVE Hangouts!

Every Friday night from 7pm – 8pm we will be holding a 1 hour game show style hang out with students from all locations. We will be running challenges, trivia games, charades, and many other fun entertaining activities to connect with all our students! The hangout happens at our Scarborough headquarters ZOOM room every Friday night! Scarborough ID is 871-726-4280. This will be tons of fun so don’t miss out!


Poomsae Forms & Reference Videos

Click any of the thumbnails to access our form videos for your reference to study and practice to!


New Students!

If you are not currently a student at Pulse, please send us an email at info@pulseacademy.ca and we can sign you up for our online classes!


Belt Ranking, Striping, and Testing

Even though we are doing classes online, we are still going to be striping our students by writing down the stripes they earn here in our studio! Once they receive all their stripes we will host a VIRTUAL belt testing for all of our students!


All of our phone lines are still open. You can reach us 11am – 7pm Monday – Friday!

Woodbridge 905-265-1221 | Scarborough 416-609-3504 | Ajax 905-426-2828



Refund Policy During Covid-19


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