Pulse Academy Burning Man Camp Details

Thank you for your interest in joining our camp! I am excited to share with you the details of our camp and what features we will be offering. If this is your first time attending Burning Man then I strongly recommend that you visit the official Burning Man website to get a good idea what this festival is about and what to expect before you continue since it can be overwhelming for some! You will be spending almost a week camping in very hot temperatures during the day and it can be quite cold at night. You can expect blinding sandstorms and fatique. Expect to get dirty and be uncomfortable at times. This is all part of the Burning Man experience! Visit www.burningman.org for the official website and all the info!


  • 24/7 electric power access for all villagers
  • Bicycles
  • Shelter for all campers and tents
  • 7 day open bar
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Daily martial arts, weapons and self defense classes
  • Late night snacks
  • Simple showers
  • Outdoor lounge and fire pit
  • Air conditioned indoor bar and lounge
  • Water for all villagers
  • Solar lighting for all tents
  • LED glow sticks, locks, jewelry pack for each villager
  • Music and dance floor party every afternoon

  • Ticket Sale Registration
    MARCH 21 – MARCH 23
  • Ticket Sale Begins
    MARCH 28 @ NOON
  • Ticket Exchange Program
    SELLERS: April 11
    BUYERS: April 25
    August 26 – September 3

  • Black Rock City, Nevada
  • Closest large city: Reno


  • Coordinates will be released when set up camp the moment we enter Burning Man gates on opening day.



Since this is our first camp, we are not able to enter Burning Man during the setup phase prior to the opening of the festival. This means we will be setting up our camp immediately once Burning Man gates open and we find an appropriate spot. Upon a successful first year theme camp, we will be granted access to setup our camp before Burning Man begins the following year. For those joining us this year, we will certainly require your assistance in helping with some of the initial setup. Although we plan to make our first camp as close to what we would like it to be, there will be some shortcomings here and there that may be caused by weather, last minute cancellations, etc. The more people that can participate in our camp, the more likely we will be able to setup and provide all the amenities that we hope to create.


We will be offering several price tiers based on the features and options that you choose. Luxury and basic camping options will be offered as well as VIP options. Those who join us as VIP will be considered camp sponsors that make our camp possible. VIP guests will have the option to join us the following year at half the cost!

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